Gboards innovative products have been around for the last 17 years, assisting the growth in the surf industry with the most durable learn-to-surf boards.
The Garrard family behind GBoards have had a long involvement with the surf industry:

-Boasting one of the only third generations involved with a large Victorian Surf Club,

-Having founding members of the famous Victorian board riders club of 1945 and,h

-Having one of the very few persons who helped fund the World famous ‘Great Ocean Road’ in its early stages.

Gboards Materials

The foam which we use in the construction of the board is closed cell foam; in other words, the foam is made up of thousands of small-encapsulated bubbles trapped inside the foam core. Therefore, if the board is punctured or damaged on rocks etc, the foam won’t allow any water to be absorbed. Using this material eliminates the costly procedure of ding repairs etc. The GBoards are one of the safest and most durable pieces of learning equipment available to each market associated with surf, being one of the only boards to comply with the strict Gold Coast city councils by-law, being a soft safe surfboard with soft fins at entry level. These GBoards, being soft, give family’s another option to enter the surfing environment, without the safety concerns which would usually go with purchasing a fibreglass board, allowing them more fun time in the surf.

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Coastal Balance Physiotherapy & Clinical Pilates was founded in Torquay in 2011 by director, Cindy Parks, a musculoskeletal physiotherapist educated in both Canada and Australia. After experience working in numerous clinics around the world, Cindy became aware of the growing need for a manual therapy clinic devoted to spending quality time with each client on the assessment, treatment, and prevention of acute and chronic injuries.


At Coastal Balance Physio Torquay, we believe that a balanced body leads to a balanced life. Our mission is to provide the highest quality of care through individualised evidence based treatment plans, and direct communication with other qualified health care practitioners to ensure the best possible outcome. We are committed to promoting health and wellbeing by optimising function, mobility and quality of life.

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Originally the brainchild of pioneering Torquay surfers Peter Troy, Vic Tantau and Alan Reid, the Australian National Surfing Museum sprang from their vision of a place where the act of wave-riding is celebrated and commemorated.

Ultimately the combination of Surfing Australia, the Torquay surf industry and the Geelong Regional Commission turned the idea into a reality. Opening in December 1993, the ANSM was quickly acknowledged by the International Surfing Association as one of the most significant centres of surfing heritage in the world.

As the home of the Australian Surfing Hall of Fame, the museum also honours the most significant Australians to have contributed to the growth of surfing from a pastime enjoyed by a very small number of people to a passion of hundreds of thousands in this country and millions around the globe.

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